In order to install MagnusBilling you’ll need a server with CentOS 7 or Debian 8, minimal install. Keep in mind that all testing and development of MagnusBilling occurs in CentOS 7, so we highly recommend using CentOS 7.

1. Execute the following commands as root to run the script that will install MagnusBilling, Asterisk and all dependencies needed like: IPTables, Fail2ban, Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Install CentOS 7 minimal.

cd /usr/src/
yum -y install wget
chmod +x

2. During the install you’ll be asked what language MagnusBilling should use. Choose by typing the number of the language.

Install complete. The server will restart automatically..

Use a browser to access the interface.
   Go to:
   User: root
   Password: magnus (Remember to change the password)